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Friendly Fire Box
Friendly Fire Box
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Friendly Fire Box

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The perfect gift for anyone who loves a bit of heat! All products in this box are unique items that your spice loving friend may not have tried. There's a lot of flavourful fun with items that have been pickled, preserved or ready to party.

The Friendly Fire Box contains;

One Sabarac Fermented Watermelon Hot Sauce 150mL

This incredible and unique fermented sauce is one you have to try. If the bright watermelon colour doesn't grab you, the flavour certainly will. The taste starts with a fresh watermelon before moving into a funky ferment sour and finally a bit of heat. It can be used in everything from wings to gyoza - you'll wonder how you lived without it.

One Sabarac Fermented Habanero and Apple Hot Sauce 150mL

This fermented hot sauce is not for the faint of heart - there's definitely a kick to it! Unlike most spicy sauces, it has a complex flavour that you'd expect from Sabarac. 

One Red Clipper Spicy Bloody Mary Mix 200mL

Deeply flavoursome with a decent heat, this bloody mary mixer is all you need for the perfect Bloody Mary. Simply add vodka and garnish with a celery stick.

One Stubborn Olives Chilli Filled Olives

This Australian Olive brand is pairs traditional techniques with innovative flavours. These greek green olives have been filled with a crunchy hot pickled chilli. You'll get a nice wave of heat while still appreciating the olive flavours. Great for antipasto, Bloody Marys or even a Dirty Martini with a little heat.

One Tomahawk Jerky Spicy Beef Jerky 40g

Tomahawk Jerky specialises in handcrafted premium jerky from their own unique recipes. Australian owned and operated, they use only natural flavoursome ingredients. Their Spicy Beef Jerky brings out all the bold flavours with a daring hint of chilli. 

One Frankie's Sweet Fire Pickle Chips

These pickle chips are like the traditional bread and butter pickle but with a kick. There's a subtle sweetness and a habanero heat that makes it ideal for gourmet burgers. The brine will also make a unique and flavourful pickle martini!


Beautifully presented in a matte black box with optional card for the gift recipient. It's also provides an elegant presentation base to add your own personal touches before gifting.