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Fermented Hot Sauce Bundle

Fermented Hot Sauce Bundle

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This trio of fermented hot sauces from Sabarac will give you a variety of uses and flavours to breathe life into old flavours. All sauces are are vegan friendly and gluten free. The bundle comes with 3 truly unique fermented sauce flavours including;

  • Fermented Watermelon Hot Sauce 150ml
  • Fermented Chipotle Mora Sauce 150ml
  • Fermented Habanero and Apple Hot Sauce 150ml

Fermented Watermelon Hot Sauce
This is one you have to try - you won't find a hot sauce quite like it. The taste starts with a fresh watermelon before moving into a funky ferment sour and finally a gentle warmth. Great for adding to wings or gyoza! Heat rating 2/10

Fermented Chipotle Mora Sauce
Fermented Chipotle Mora is the new BBQ sauce. It's sweet, sour and smoky flavours finish with the heat from the chipotle for a little kick. Heat rating 4/10

Fermented Habanero and Apple Hot Sauce

This hot sauce has an incredible complex flavour. Starting with an unmistakable sweet and sour apple flavour, it ends with the heat from the habaneros. It's not for the faint of heart as there's quite a kick to it. A perfect addition to a Bloody Mary! Heat rating 8/10.