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Classic Pickleback

Whiskey and pickle brine? Are you serious?! The answer is yes and it's great. People have been chasing whiskey with pickle brine for years. The reason it works is because the pickle brine acts almost like a palate cleanser, resetting your mouth and throat after a shot of whiskey. Making your whiskey go down even easier is dangerous, so we ask that you use this recipe for good and not evil.


  • 45mL Whiskey (or Bourbon if you're so inclined)
  • 45mL Pickle Brine - we recommend Good Time Brine


1. Using two shot glasses, pour the whiskey into one and the pickle brine into the other

2. Shoot the whiskey, then shoot the pickle brine.

3. Ask yourself where this has been all your life.


How did this crazy Pickleback come about?

Chasing whiskey with pickle brine isn't a new concept, but the term "Pickleback" didn't arrive until 2006. The story goes that Reggie Cunningham, a bartender, was approached in a country club by a gold-toothed woman who made the barman do a series of whiskey shots followed by brine. From there, he coined the name "Pickleback". Although it's not the only name it goes by. The Pickleback is also called "Piskey Whickle" and "Bartender's Handshake"


Is pickle brine a hangover cure?

Pickle brine is known as a hangover cure, but whether it works is likely down to the individual. The science says that the acetic acid in the vinegar is an antidiuretic that contains electrolytes and absorbs salt. It's also said that pickle brine is a good source of Vitamin A and potassium - things that alcohol can drain from your body. The Polish swear by it and say that it's as common as having a cup of tea.


Ready for a Pickleback? Grab some Good Time Brine and get started!



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